Open source Pokémon game, MMPORG online

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League of Legends for Mac

The epic MMORPG game arrives on Mac

User rank: 6.1

The Sims

The Sims are back with new and exciting features

User rank: 6.2

World of Warcraft

It's not a game It's a world . ... as a warrior, who can ...

User rank: 6.6


An AI game about marital breakdown

User rank: 5.6

Diablo 3

The long awaited sequel is looking great

User rank: 5.4

Curse Client

WoW and Warhammer add-on manager. ... Warcraft, Runes of Magic and Warhammer ...

User rank: 6.4

Diablo II

Latest patch for one of the best sagas from Blizzard

User rank: 3.8

World of Warcraft Starter Edition

Play World of Warcraft free up to level 20. ... ranks Joining Guilds and voice ...

User rank: 6.5

The Fast & The Furious

Street racing and tuning online RPG

User rank: 3.6

Dark Mysteries: Soul Keeper

Special edition of the Dark Mysteries adventure game

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Role playing game set in a medieval fantasy world

User rank: 6.8

Nethergate: Resurrection

Travel back to Brittania to uncover treasures

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Warhammer Online Age of Reckoning

Fantasy MMORPG all about WAR. ...two factions: Empire and ...Warcraft, Warhammer Online Age of ...

User rank: 5.2

Air Pressure

A visual novel with multiple endings

User rank: 10.0

MaxDriving Beta (web game)

Dominate the world of street racing. ... geared towards boys, with some ...'s not bad MaxDriving is ...

User rank: 9.0

Sam & Max The Devil's Playhouse

More comedy adventure with the furry duo

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Blades of Avernum

RPG including 4 fantasy worlds

User rank: 4.0


Adventure awaits in the Graal Kingdoms

User rank: 8.3

Heileen 2

An island mystery novel

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Desktop Dungeons

A compact role playing puzzle game!

User rank: 6.0


Role-playing game based on the books of J.R.R.Tolkien

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Rage of Magic

Epic fantasy fighting adventure

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Magic Stones

Delve into Celtic Mythology in this RPG

User rank: 7.0

KrabbitWorld Labyrinth

3D Action / Adventure with RPG style buildable characters

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Dinky Dungeon

51 level dungeon maze

User rank: 7.0


Cocoa dice-roller for role-playing games

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Dragon Age 2 Demo

Epic fantasy role playing. ... character's fate is sealed ...

User rank: 6.8

Tales of Monkey Island

The classic comedy swashbuckling adventurer returns

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Youda Legend: The Curse of the Amsterdam... - Mac

Welcome to Amsterdam! The dark influence of an old curse still...

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The Sims 3: Master Suite Stuff

Give the Sims a luxurious touch

User rank: 2.8

Trine Demo

A fantasy physics puzzle platformer. ... very beautiful Trine, a platform ...powerful system Trine is an ...

User rank: 6.0